A couple of weeks ago we recorded and filmed an unplugged & live version of ”The Guilt”. It was a long and sweaty day but we pulled it of with a little persistence and loads of coffee, laughter and love!

Although it’s not that long ago we released the studio version of the album, we still wanted to capture the vibe and feeling of the songs when we perform them acoustic and live. We also wanted to record some of Sebastian Freij’s cello magic since he joined the band after everything was recorded and Mr. Ax just played bass on a couple of tracks on the studio version. Now we got to do everything as a five piece band and everybody could contribute with a personal touch to the songs.

The aim is set to a digital release hopefully in just a couple of months. ”The Guilt – Live & Unplugged” (or whatever the name will be) will available at Spotify, iTunes and all the other ”digital places” as usual. All songs will also be released as live clips on Youtube e.t.c, one at a time.

Take care!

//Björn – Orchid


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