Some of you might wonder how it all got started. No? No one? Well I’m going to write a post about it anyway!

Many years ago, Thomas joined my first band “Backwater” (got some news about Backwater soon btw) and since that band is mostly about low tuned heavy riffs it was very tempting to try something else. We had plenty of ideas that perhaps weren’t suited for rock/metal so after a Backwater rehearsal we sat down with a couple of acoustic guitars and tried some of the ideas out.

As I recall it, “Falling To Pieces”, a song from our first album was more or less done in an instant. We realized very soon that this was something more than just a little side project, it was something that had to be. We have grown a lot since then in so many ways, but the core of Orchid is still the same; a passion and love for making music, whatever the music may sound like. Although we are not a big band we still managed to reach out to people from all over the world. And it actually feels kind of weird when I think about it. I never knew what we started when we just played around with some acoustic ideas just for the fun of it.

I’ve co-written before, but I’ve never felt so much flow or that our differences in the creative process still lead to a common goal as I do with Mr. Kihlberg. And it’s a goal that sounds and feels great!
Me & Thomas are very good at many things, but we sure do suck at many others! Fortunately, we don’t suck at the same things and that’s what makes the circle complete. (Kind of…)

Although some people say we argue like a married couple we still manage to create something that to me is unique and special. So Thomas, hat off and I bow down to you, thank you and keep it up!

My intention is not by any means to neglect any of the other guys in the band, everyone is just as important. Nonetheless we created Orchid and to this point we wrote every single Orchid song as a two piece band. Hopefully for our third album, all members of Orchid will be more involved in the process. Cause I can’t wait to argue with more people – let’s get married everyone!


Falling to pieces

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